Catering for Parties, Weddings and Corporate Events

Catering to a large group of people can be difficult. Whether you are planning a conference, wedding, party or another event, feeding your guests is essential to keep them happy, paying attention and present for the entire event.

Good providers of catering will provide delicious food on time, but many factors are up to you as an event organizer. The following points will need to be considered to secure successful catering at your event.

For a formal event lasting from a couple of hours up to half a day, a snack is an appropriate level of catering. Snacks can be eaten easily and without the need for catering hire for the fringe festivalcutlery and napkins, and provide a quick and affordable delicious snack, where you know you will be offering something for everyone. If you are hosting a short, less formal event, you may want to provide a light meal such as a buffet, although this is not essential.

For a formal event lasting over half a day a three-course sit-down meal is the best choice. Sometime however, as in the case of business events when there may be no formal dining area, this is not practical. If a sit-down meal is impractical, a buffet is an appropriate choice of catering for your event.

If you are hosting an informal event or an event for friends and family, a buffet is an acceptable type of catering. A traditional meal can be served, but this may be a slightly more expensive option. Weddings can be catered for with a buffet or a sit-down meal, depending on the level of formality which the hosts intend to create.

Other types of catering available include the hog roast, a BBQ and mini bowls of food – a buffet with more elaborate hot meals served in mini portions, where most guests try various dishes. Then the two former options are served at every informal event, while mini bowls could be served in any event, and make a good compromise between a hot meal and a buffet.

Understand the number of guests. Your catering equipment hire company in Adelaide may suggest you order some extra food to ensure you do not run out. If they do this, ensure you take their advice; they will be more familiar with their portion sizes than you. Another thing to examine is the provision of vegetarian, vegan and Halal options. Also, try to find out whether your guests have any food intolerances and ensure you request that your provider of catering can cater to these.

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